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  • Chair Yoga: Lifespan Yoga® for Health and Wellness book


    If you want to try yoga but have some concerns about your flexibility, balance, or falling, chair yoga is a good place to begin. In this book you will how to do yoga sitting on a chair or using the chair as a prop. You can focus on your yoga postures, learning breathing techniques and let go of the anxiety around falling.

  • Nonviolence Journal and Workbook

    Nonviolence Journal and Workbook eBook


     Nonviolence Journal and Workbook: 108 Prompts for Peace is digital download ebook. It is designed as the companion eJournal to the eBook Nonviolence in this Moment. Both these eBooks are designed to work together to assist you in connecting all the areas of your life to your practice of nonviolence.

    The journal prompts, questions and activities here can be used for your private reflection, writing, drawing, doodling or making art. This set of questions can also be used to prompt discussion in a classroom, training or a support group dedicated to a nonviolent cause.

  • Yoga for all Ages and Stages eBook


    Yoga for all ages and stages: The science of human development meets the ancient practice of yoga is a 13 page eBook offering an overview of the Lifespan Yoga books. There is a section on basic human development and a few areas of research I tap in this book series plus a little about yoga and the 8 limb system.

    The eBooks in the ages and stages series include classic research from the social sciences, primarily the field of psychology. This research draws heavily from the sub-disciplines of human development, early childhood development, and adolescent psychology. I also include neuroscience, genetics, social psychology, gerontology, and health psychology at times.