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  • Cover ADHD Workbook and Planner

    ADHD Workbook and Planner


    ADHD Workbook and Planner

  • Beth's Chair Yoga sequences

    Beth’s Chair Yoga Sequences


    Beth’s Chair Yoga Sequences is an eBook designed for Chair Yoga Students and Chair Yoga Teachers. It is a pdf download with class plans for a variety of Chair Yoga classes. Experienced Chair Yoga students or Chair Yoga teachers can use this for practice or in Chair Yoga class.

  • Chair Yoga: Lifespan Yoga® for Health and Wellness book


    If you want to try yoga but have some concerns about your flexibility, balance, or falling, chair yoga is a good place to begin. In this book you will how to do yoga sitting on a chair or using the chair as a prop. You can focus on your yoga postures, learning breathing techniques and let go of the anxiety around falling.

  • Gratitude Journal and Workbook


    This journal and workbook is designed to assist you in your daily practice of gratitude.

  • Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga eBook


    In Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga author and Lifespan Yoga® founder Beth Daugherty draws on her extensive experience teaching morals, ethics, daily habits, powerful yoga techniques, stress relief, mindfulness and deep meditation to offer you a simple organized structure for your yoga practice.

  • Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Baby


    Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Ethics, Daily Habits, Mindfulness, Meditation and Peace is a book for parents, teachers, caregivers and yoga students interested in practicing the 8 limbs of yoga when a new baby joins the family. Having a baby is a life-changing moment for all family members, and even the most dedicated yogi may have questions about how to practice, teach and model the 8 limbs for their baby, especially as that baby grows and changes every day!

  • Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Kids

    Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Kids


    Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Kids is a 2-in-1 book for parents and their kids aged 5 through 11 interested in practicing the 8 limbs of yoga.

    This guide includes easy-to-understand texts about each of the 8 limbs of yoga for parents and teachers, as well as activities and coloring pages for children to better connect with these life lessons.

    This installment in the Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga series includes information on both the historic origins of yoga and some basic child psychology, connecting them seamlessly to help parents and yoga teachers better instruct their children in yoga in a fun and age appropriate way.

  • Nikita’s Sun eColoringBook


    Nikita’s Sun eBook is a digital download you can download, print and color. It is a 17 page coloring book.

  • Nonviolence in this Momment eBook

    Nonviolence in this Moment eBook


    Nonviolence in this Moment is an eBook designed to be a personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Beginning with self-reflection and self-assessment you will evaluate your thoughts, words, actions, daily habits around nonviolence. Finding personal peace and purpose is one part of the practice of nonviolence. For those with a life purpose that includes helping the planet be more peaceful and just, there are chapters about activism, social justice, protest, pacifism and solidifying your own boundaries around self-defense. After this self-reflection, it is time to take your nonviolent practices and habits out to all the places you live and work.

  • Nonviolence Journal and Workbook

    Nonviolence Journal and Workbook eBook


     Nonviolence Journal and Workbook: 108 Prompts for Peace is digital download ebook. It is designed as the companion eJournal to the eBook Nonviolence in this Moment. Both these eBooks are designed to work together to assist you in connecting all the areas of your life to your practice of nonviolence.

    The journal prompts, questions and activities here can be used for your private reflection, writing, drawing, doodling or making art. This set of questions can also be used to prompt discussion in a classroom, training or a support group dedicated to a nonviolent cause.

  • Online Course Standing Against Violence

    Standing Against Violence Online Course


    When you purchase the course you get a private link. Just click the link to go into your course. This online course will cover a lot of information about the practice of nonviolence. Students will learn new daily habits, learn how to lay the foundation for a more challenging personal discipline and take your personal practice out on the road and into the places where we all live and work.

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    The 8 Limbs of Yoga Journal eBook

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    The 8 Limbs of Yoga Journal eBook is a digital download ebook full of journal prompts focused on the 8 Limbs of Yoga. I wrote these journal prompts and questions for my yoga students and over the years it grew to this 150 page eBook.

  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga Worksheet


    Free one page PDF Download listing out the 8 Limbs of Yoga.

  • Travel Planner Cover

    Travel Planner


    This free eBook is a fun little travel planner with pages to print and fill before, during and after a vacation or fun trip. If you want to be a bit more organized, this simple planner can help.

  • Yoga for all Ages and Stages eBook


    Yoga for all ages and stages: The science of human development meets the ancient practice of yoga is a 13 page eBook offering an overview of the Lifespan Yoga books. There is a section on basic human development and a few areas of research I tap in this book series plus a little about yoga and the 8 limb system.

    The eBooks in the ages and stages series include classic research from the social sciences, primarily the field of psychology. This research draws heavily from the sub-disciplines of human development, early childhood development, and adolescent psychology. I also include neuroscience, genetics, social psychology, gerontology, and health psychology at times.

  • Yoga in Health Care Settings eBook


    Yoga in Health Care Settings is a short ebook with information on why yoga is helpful within hospitals, medical centers, and community health care organization. It includes reasons why yoga should be incorporated in your organization, as well as descriptions of several types of yoga classes in order to decide which one will best suit your organization’s needs. It also covers some steps and recommendations to start your own yoga program within a health care setting.