Lifespan Yoga® offers yoga training, courses, educational yoga products, paperbacks, and eBooks in the shop. I also offer private consulting for individuals on the path and organizations interested in yoga to their staff or clients. 

I love babies. I wrote this eBook for yoga loving parents of newborns who want to share yoga with their infant. Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Ethics, Daily Habits, Mindfulness, Meditation and Peace. This book is focused on the infant development and raising peaceful children. There are activity pages and journal pages for new parents, all organized by the 8 limbs of yoga. 

Toddlers (age 1-3) can be a challenge. The toddler stage of the lifespan is outlined in my first book entitled Lifespan Yoga®: Developmental Psychology Meets the Practice and Teaching of Yoga, Newborn to Age 18.

This book is on Amazon in paperback from 2014, and has a section for each of the stages of child development. I was inspired by the stages set forth by psychologist Eric Erickson.

If your preschooler enjoys coloring, download and print this free coloring book entitled Nikita’s Sun. I wrote this story for one of my three year old yoga students and she used it every week in yoga class. Coloring and stories are a perfect way to learn in the preschool stage of the lifespan. 

Kid’s Yoga is very popular for school age children. I have a few resources for parents and yoga teachers dedicated to this stage of the lifespan. Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Kids is a 2-in-1 eBook for parents and their kids aged 5 through 11 interested in practicing the 8 limbs of yoga. It includes information about the 8 limbs of yoga for parents and teachers, as well as activities and coloring pages for children to better connect with these life lessons. It is also available in paperback on Amazon.

Preteens (aged 12-14) come to yoga for exercise, stretching, stress management, and sometimes mental health issues like ADHD. The ADHD Workbook and Planner is full of helpful information for parents and preteens struggling with ADHD. Early detection and yoga can make a world of difference.

Teens (aged 14-16) are a difficult group to write for. I am currently working on Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga for Teens. Contact me if you would like to pre-order this eBook. 

This Gratitude Journal and Workbook is for all ages but teens who like to write may enjoy this prompt for a daily practice of gratitude.

Teens aged 16-19 are in a unique stage of development as they enjoy much more freedom (driving!) and begin to launch from their child hood homes. I took my first yoga class at this stage of my life. I wrote this book wishing I had all this information back then (and for the next 40 years). Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga: A Modern Yogis Guide Ethics, Daily Habits, Mindfulness, Meditation and Peace. 

The 20s are often called “adulting” today. Moving out of the family home, living alone or with roommates, pursing a career or higher eduction. All of these things can cause stress and confusion. In addition to Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga: A Modern Yogis Guide Ethics, Daily Habits, Mindfulness, Meditation and Peace for those who are not already doing it, I suggest journals, planners and organizers. The 8 Limbs of Yoga Journal is available in eBook or in paperback on Amazon. 

The 30s and 40s are known as mid-life and I was always surprised there was limited developmental research about this stage of development compared to children and seniors. Many people training to be yoga teachers fall in this stage of life. If this is your interest, review the Lifespan Yoga teacher Training programs here. 

I like live yoga teacher training but do teach on Zoom and a short online course. 

The 50s are a time of transition and another popular age group filling up gentle and restorative yoga classes. As we begin to move through the senior years, we practice the foundation of yoga: nonviolence. The book Nonviolence in this Moment is an eBook designed to be a personal practice. Also on Amazon. The companion journal Nonviolence Journal and Workbook: 108 Prompts for Peace provides a place to record your practice. The journal is also on Amazon in paperback. The course is here.

The 60s were once viewed as retirement and leaving work and career. As life expectancy continues to increase, people in their 60s are active and joining us in gentle and chair yoga. My first Chair Yoga book Chair Yoga: Lifespan Yoga® for Health and Wellness book is an eBook and also in paperback on Amazon

If you are retiring (or retired) and traveling here is a free Travel Planner. 

For those in their 70s and beyond, I wrote the above Chair Yoga book and added Beth’s Chair Yoga Sequences This is an eBook full of my favorite chair yoga sequences. It is designed for chair yoga students and chair yoga teachers who want a gentle and quick sequence.

I have also spent 14 years moving yoga into health care settings so I wrote this short eBook for others like me, who see patients in hospitals, cancer centers and community health centers benefiting from gentle and chair yoga.