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  • Nikita’s Sun eColoringBook


    Nikita’s Sun eBook is a digital download you can download, print and color. It is a 17 page coloring book.

  • Yoga for all Ages and Stages eBook


    Yoga for all ages and stages: The science of human development meets the ancient practice of yoga is a 13 page eBook offering an overview of the Lifespan Yoga books. There is a section on basic human development and a few areas of research I tap in this book series plus a little about yoga and the 8 limb system.

    The eBooks in the ages and stages series include classic research from the social sciences, primarily the field of psychology. This research draws heavily from the sub-disciplines of human development, early childhood development, and adolescent psychology. I also include neuroscience, genetics, social psychology, gerontology, and health psychology at times.

  • Yoga in Health Care Settings eBook


    Yoga in Health Care Settings is a short ebook with information on why yoga is helpful within hospitals, medical centers, and community health care organization. It includes reasons why yoga should be incorporated in your organization, as well as descriptions of several types of yoga classes in order to decide which one will best suit your organization’s needs. It also covers some steps and recommendations to start your own yoga program within a health care setting.