Nikita’s Sun eColoringBook


Nikita’s Sun eBook is a digital download you can download, print and color. It is a 17 page coloring book.


This version of Nikita’s Sun eBook is a 17 page yoga coloring book. Download for free, print, let the kids color all the pages and then put it in order. This children’s story is about a five year old girl named Nikita who is learning to do the Sun Salutation in her Kids Yoga class. It can be hard for some children to remember all the poses so to help Nikita I used the combination of story, pictures, bright colors, an art activity, a little glitter and, of course, practicing the yoga poses in class and at home with the ebook. This combination of activities helps children remember the Sun Salutation sequence, building the character traits of strength and surrender.

The Lifespan Yoga® books help make yoga accessible to people of all ages and stages along the developmental spectrum, including those with special needs. The practice of yoga can support positive development of not just the physical body, but our psychological and mental development as well. This can happen during all life stages, but yoga must be approached in a way that makes it appropriate to the stage of life the person is in.