Beth’s Chair Yoga Sequences


Beth’s Chair Yoga Sequences is an eBook designed for Chair Yoga Students and Chair Yoga Teachers. It is a pdf download with class plans for a variety of Chair Yoga classes. Experienced Chair Yoga students or Chair Yoga teachers can use this for practice or in Chair Yoga class.



This eBook includes 9 Chair Yoga sequences and a list of Chair Yoga poses. It is designed for those who have some experience with Chair Yoga. Chair Yoga students practicing at home or Chair Yoga teachers looking for a quick class will enjoy these sequences. You can pick and choose which sequences are right for you and your students. Some sequences require yoga props and some do not.

I originally studied chair yoga because I was teaching yoga to cancer patients, and I was worried some of the patients may have trouble with balance or not be able to get up and down from the floor. When my oncology yoga class was full, and I began a chair yoga class open to all. I found many chair yoga students were using canes, walkers and wheelchairs. Others enjoyed this type of class because they felt secure on their chair, and they could work on better strength and balance.

I also found not everyone needs to sit on a chair for every posture. Many people like to use the chair as a prop, move around the chair, hold the chair only when needed and use the chair for balance.

I also offer Chair Yoga workshops. I wrote the Chair Yoga book below to use in my Chair Yoga workshops and certification classes. It is available on my website as pdf download and on Amazon as a paperback.

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